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Recreational Trailer Insurance

Recreational vehicles or RV’s, as they are often referred to, are vehicles designed to provide temporary accommodations for travel, vacation or recreational purposes. RV’s are either a motorhome or a trailer. Categories of trailers include travel, fifth wheel, camping (folding) and toy hauler trailers.

Since motorhomes are motorized, they’re insured on an automobile policy along with your car or pickup truck; while trailers, which are hitched and towed behind a vehicle, are typically insured on a property policy along with your house, provided they are not rented out or used for business.

Although a motorhome can be added to an automobile policy and a trailer to a property policy, in order to get the best coverage and price, we recommend a specialized RV insurance policy, as they offer so much more.

  • At no additional cost, they include coverage for contents and emergency vacation expenses.
  • They include replacement coverage for up to 10 years, if an RV is less than five years old. This is a valuable option if an RV is written off in a claim as there’s no reduction for depreciation in the settlement.
  • For trailers parked in a campground all season, coverage is available for sheds, garages and decks that have been built on the lot.
  • By insuring an RV separately, any claims that occur on the RV policy while the unit is stationary, will not affect a regular automobile or property policy, including any claims free discounts.

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For non-urgent claims, we recommend speaking with your Account Manager during office hours.

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