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Newman’s Contractor Insurance Nails It

Flexible options and competitive rates customized to your business

Whether you’re a general contractor or specialize in a specific trade, Contractor Insurance is an essential tool to protect your business. Both your clients and company’s bottom line demand it. Our comprehensive coverage focuses on liability, equipment, tools and vehicles - everything you need to get the job done.

Contractor Insurance is designed for individuals and small companies that provide professional contract or project-based services. There are as many insurance policies as there are types of contractors. Electricians, plumbers, painters, renovators, roofers, drywallers, masons, landscapers… the list goes on.

Anything can happen on a work site so in order to protect yourself from potential risks, the liability component of Contractor Insurance will cover financial losses that arise bodily injury to others or property damage to property of others not in your care, custody and control. Further, if a situation escalates to a claim or law suit over property damage or bodily injury, legal fees and monetary settlements will be covered by your policy. The installation floater will cover the theft or loss by fire of building materials you own while on site.

Regardless of the magnitude of a job, customers want adequate proof of insurance before any work is done. They want to protect themselves and their property, which is exactly what contractors need to do as well. Contractor Insurance is just one of the costs of doing business, but it will help ensure your livelihood is safeguarded in the event of any accidents or other unforeseen losses.

Newman Insurance will customize a solution that best suits the size of your operations, scope of work and company assets including property. Your account rep  will work with you to find the most competitive rates for coverage that is specific to the services that you offer.

If your claim is not of an urgent nature, we recommend that you speak with your Account Manager during regular office hours.

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For non-urgent claims, we recommend speaking with your Account Manager during office hours.

Claims emergency? click here