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Auto Repair Shop Insurance

If servicing vehicles in Ontario is your business, Newman Insurance can work with you to develop a comprehensive commercial policy that provides coverage of non-owned (customer) automobiles as well as your company-owned vehicles. Separate garage and auto repair shop insurance is required because your customers’ policies don’t cover damages and liability when their vehicles are in your care, custody and control.  

You Are Responsible for Customer Vehicles

Those three words – care, custody and control – are key to determining if your current commercial policy is sufficient. Customers trust your business to repair, maintain, service, park and store their vehicles. If something goes wrong while their vehicles are in your company’s possession, you need to have adequate insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.

As we all know, the unthinkable is always possible:

  • One of your employees out test driving a newly-repaired car is in an accident.
  • A tree branch breaks off during a wind storm and lands on top of a customer’s minivan parked in your lot.
  • A tool mistakenly left behind after repairs are done ends up wreaking havoc under the hood of a pick-up truck.

These ‘what-if’ scenarios are realistic risks.

Newman Insurance will put together a garage insurance policy that includes everything from collision and theft to injuries, damages and liability. This covers your customers’ vehicles as well as your own company (service and courtesy) vehicles and dealer inventory if your business also sells used cars.

The types of businesses to benefit from automotive services and repair insurance are extensive: garages (cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, etc.), muffler, transmission and windshield speciality shops, collision repair companies, detailers, service stations, used car lots, and parking garages.

Protect Your Auto Repair Shop

Your Newman Insurance Broker can sit down with you to determine the best coverage for your auto repair shop. Basic liability and property coverage are a must for any business; the additional garage insurance protects your company and employees from the time customers hand over the keys until the vehicles are back in their possession.

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For non-urgent claims, we recommend speaking with your Account Manager during office hours.

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