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People assume they have contents coverage, but that may not be the case.
Meet Your Broker - Ross Wheatley

Meet Your Broker - Ross Wheatley

AUTHOR: Newman Insurance | February 9, 2018
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My name is Ross Wheatley and I’ve been with Newman Insurance for 27 years.

I was born in Brampton, and moved with my family to a 50-acre farm in Brighton in the late 1960s. The family became a primary pork producer in Northumberland County through out the 1970’s and 1980’s. I pursued a diploma in agriculture from Kemptville College and retained my RIBO license in 1990.


What I Do At Newman Insurance

My specialty is commercial insurance including garage auto and farm coverages. A primary objective for me is relationship building, working with clients so they feel comfortable, confident with me and the policy acquired. I bring a quarter century of insurance expertise and experience to the table and the one-on-one relationship with my clients is so important.

What Confuses People About Insurance

Most people believe that their automobile policy will cover any stolen or damaged contents. That’s not the case. In fact, auto policies have a direct exclusion for contents should the loss occur in the insured’s garage or elsewhere on their own property for example.. The intent of the policy is to cover the automobile itself, nothing much else... perhaps a cassette in the deck. There may be provisions to cover content losses under a personal homeowner’s or a tenant’s policy, but, it’s not covered under the auto policy. Unfortunately, many people assume they have contents coverage, but that may not be the case, it’s important to check.

What I Like About Newman Insurance

I enjoy helping clients. We’re most effective when we are out and about meeting with our clients. It’s important to do that. We spend a lot of time face-to-face answering questions and explaining the wording of policies. I'm a stickler for details and want clients to understand their coverage. Our clients are most satisfied when we’re able to advise them wisely and manage their insurance needs. Positive relationships are a loyalty builder.

The Most Important Thing About Working With Clients

It’s important for our clients to understand that we, as an insurance broker, are the ones who deal with the insurance companies so they don’t have to. One of our clients lost a sizeable and expensive ring and the insurance company covered the loss. A year later, the ring was found at the bottom of a freezer. That client felt comfortable calling us to determine what they should do next. We worked with the insurance company on a compromise to make sure that our client could keep the ring and then – at their suggestion - made a donation to a local hospital in the amount of the original claim. After some negotiations, the insurance company agreed and everyone was happy. As it turns out, our client made a donation over and above the agreed amount and sent emails of recognition and thanks to the insurer.

What I Like To Do When I'm Not Working

During the summer, I’m in flip flops on the front of my bass boat with my family and co anglers, and barbequing with the Big Green Egg, all months of the year. Having an agricultural background and one hundred acres of land, I can often be found ‘playing’ on my compact tractor. I also like to blend some travel into all of that with a bit of good red wine, and life’s good.

My favourite team is and has always been the Toronto Maple Leafs. I will never waiver from the Leafs.

My favourite meal is a good t-bone, medium rare with a baked potato, lots of sour cream and a vegetable.

If I Were A Super Hero

My super power would be to fly like an eagle.

My personal kryptonite is cookies. I’m a terrible cookie monster!

If your claim is not of an urgent nature, we recommend that you speak with your Account Manager during regular office hours.

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For non-urgent claims, we recommend speaking with your Account Manager during office hours.

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