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a lot of what I do is de-mystify and simplify the complexities of insurance

Meet Your Broker - Pete Goyer

AUTHOR: Newman Insurance | March 12, 2018
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My name is Pete Goyer and I’ve been with Newman Insurance for five years.

I was born and raised in Belleville and worked in a small engine shop through high school and college before focusing on machining and metal fabrication. I then transitioned to the world of insurance.


My area of speciality is transportation insurance including logistics and bulk liquid, as well as food processing. I like the pace of transportation insurance. It might not sound very exciting, but everything has to be done quickly and is always changing. We have customers that transport some pretty cool stuff so we have some great conversation points. They can be anywhere – Toronto or Las Vegas or on a loading dock somewhere - and they call about their coverage.

Most people don’t know that they have some control over their transportation insurance rates and they could actually be doing things (or not doing things) to cause claims or increase their rates. Here’s an example. I’ve asked trucking companies – different sized companies – about their harassment policies. They say they don’t have one, which affects their policies. But, if they have policies in place for accidents, hiring, harassment, and human resources, it shows the insurance companies that there is a game plan, so to speak.

We can help with that. Many of these companies aren’t at that stage, but Newman Insurance provides tools to create and implement policies and procedures. We can provide them with a human resources manual template so they don’t have to hire someone to write one from scratch. This allows them to run and grow their business more easily.


Just because brokers deal with a lot of the same insurance companies doesn’t make us all the same. What sets Newman Insurance apart from others is the work we put into creating the customer package sent to the insurer. This is a snapshot - a marketing tool - that is used to promote your company to insurance companies so they are more apt to compete for the business rather than just issue a premium. I want to be able to have the leverage to go back-and-forth with the insurer to get the best rate to help the client.


We are a big enough brokerage firm to have some sway with the markets, but we’re small enough that our clients don’t get lost in the shuffle. We don’t forget that our customer relationships made us who we are today. I also appreciate the laid-back family atmosphere at Newman Insurance and how that translates to the whole staff. The boss’s door is never shut; he’s always available.


Open communication is critical. I want my clients to look at me as their trusted advisor. I’m involved in a lot of my customers’ decisions. When it comes to expansion, they call me to ask my opinion. We want to grow with clients and I think a lot of what I do is de-mystify and simplify the complexities of insurance so they understand.

Insurance policies are contracts that are open to interpretation where one person sees it one way and the other person sees it another way. It is our job to make sure the insurance company sees it our way.

It’s a fast-moving business that changes every single day. We keep up with the legislative and case law changes to make sure there is no misinterpretation. I had a claim one time that was declined because of two words in the policy. It boiled down to an ‘and/or’ type of situation. I pulled up some cases that had gone to court and the insurance company realized this claim was headed to the Supreme Court of Ontario if denied. We were able to prove it in such a way that the insurance company covered the claim.


I spend a lot of time with my wife of 17 years and two children. I live at the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre. My daughter is a competitive swimmer on the Bellevue Swim Team. My son plays Belleville's Junior Trap Hockey System. I skate with his hockey team. If I could swim, I would probably help there, but I swim like a rock. I do play lead guitar in a hard rock band. We opened for Theory of a Deadman, ULIS, and Pat Travers. We had a good run.

My favourite food? I'll eat dirt. I'm not a picky guy. I hunt, so I pretty well eat what I kill. I like fish, bass, pickerel, and venison.


If I could choose a superpower, it would be mind reading.

My personal kryptonite – if I were a rich man - would be old guitar collectibles like 50s Les Pauls.

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For non-urgent claims, we recommend speaking with your Account Manager during office hours.

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