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when you're dealing with an insurance broker, you have more choice
Meet Your Broker - Fred Campbell

Meet Your Broker - Fred Campbell

AUTHOR: Newman Insurance | June 21, 2017
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My name is Fred Campbell and I've been with Newman Insurance for fourteen years.

Prior to working with Newman I was an ironworker at car plants like General Motors, Chrysler, all over.

What I do at Newman Insurance

My area of specialty is personal lines. I write a lot of personal lines policies: home, auto, farms and some commercial.

I really enjoy working with people. I enjoy bringing to their attention their best options for insurance coverage and how to protect themselves with helpful tips. For example, with a homeowners' policy, little suggestions such as taking a video camera through your home. It's not mandatory for people to do, it's just something I suggest to my clients. My approach is to see and look after every risk I insure. I prefer to come out to your home, measure it, take pictures, and assess it before I give you an insurance quote, so there's no mistakes made.

When possible, I can help new homeowners when they're shopping for a new home. A lot of times people need some guidance on their insurance needs. Such as, their electrical panel: is it a one hundred amp or two hundred amp? I access the risk when I'm there. If I see anything that may cause a problem from an insurance point of view, I point it out to them. It just eases their pressure especially for a first time homeowner.

What Confuses People About Insurance

I think one of the things that people don't realize is that when you're dealing with an insurance broker, you have more choice. As a broker, I have over twenty different companies I can deal with for my clients instead of an agent that has one. No matter where you live or what type of house you have, I have a market or a company that will insure you with the right coverage at the right price.

Some people don't understand their insurance policy. I take the time to go over it with them and read it to them, even if it's not with us. When working with new clients, if they're with a different company, I'll review their existing policy. I'll look for any holes or gaps in their coverage, and point out any options. An example might be if you have an oil tank; some policies might exclude the liability from an oil spill.

What I Like About Newman Insurance

I enjoy the challenge of keeping up to date. Every year we have to take courses to update our license. The insurance business is constantly evolving and I like the challenge of change. I don't like to be static. I'm interested in what new coverages have come out. I like doing the research on that to provide my clients the best coverage I can.

The Most Important Thing About Working with Clients

Listening to them. It's important to understand a client's needs so I can educate them on their options. For my clients who are farmers, I've got a bit of a background on a farm because my grandparents were farmers. I try to educate my clients about their policies in case there ever is a claim. If they were to have a claim I try to walk them through it and make sure that it's a good experience for them. A positive experience.

An example of working with my clients was, I had a young university graduate who bought a Mini Cooper. I insured it on a Thursday. On the Friday, while out driving, the car started smoking. My client pulled over, got out of the car and the vehicle burnt up. While helping guide my client through the claim, I noticed the client's license was about to expire. I advised them that an invalid or lapsed license voids their insurance coverage. The license was renewed and the claim was paid. This young university grad had started a new job and sent me a gift basket as a thank you. I got a recommendation letter from the parents thanking me as well. It was very gratifying.

What I Do When I'm Not Working

When I'm not working I enjoy golfing. I spend time in Napanee with the lady I'm involved with. I spend time out at the cottage; I enjoy being around water. In the winter time, I like to go down south for a holiday.

My favorite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

My favorite ball team is the Toronto Blue Jays.

A medium-rare steak with rice and a salad, would be my favorite meal.

If I Were a Super Hero

My super power would be mind reading.

My personal kryptonite would be how to handle what the other person is thinking. That might be difficult to deal with.

If your claim is not of an urgent nature, we recommend that you speak with your Account Manager during regular office hours.

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For non-urgent claims, we recommend speaking with your Account Manager during office hours.

Claims emergency? click here