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Gore Mutual's Fast Forward Event a Hit with Brokers

June 13, 2017


It's not often you see the words "Canadian icons" and "insurance industry" mentioned in the same sentence. However, that's exactly what happened last week when Canadian icons took part in Gore Mutual's Fast Forward event to discuss how issues such as climate change, disruptive technologies and economic uncertainty might impact the insurance industry.

This sold out, day-long event was held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in the Lyric Theatre. Seating was limited to 500 and three members of the Newman Insurance team were lucky enough to be there. Brooke Lalande, an account executive in our Kingston office, was excited to represent our company by attending the event and saw it as a great opportunity to network with fellow brokers.

Brooke shares some of her impressions on the Fast Forward event:

"SOOOOO good, soooo inspiring."

Brooke Lalande at Fast Forward event
Brooke Lalande at Fast Forward event

"This event really hit home by encouraging us that thinking out of the box will get us moving ahead every time. I always stress this in every review, meeting, and conversation when it comes to working at Newman or within the industry."

The Keynote speakers (those Canadian icons we mentioned) were:

Chris Hadfield

"I could just listen to him all day to soak up all of his wisdom. He is so motivating and expresses clearly the need for waking up with a purpose everyday. Always think “what if”. We need to be thinking outside the box, thinking “what if” we could do this, invent that etc. All great leaders are forward thinking and to stand out from the crowd and be innovative we need to think a little different.

"He was so inspiring. He showed slides of himself as a toddler pretending to be an astronaut and spoke of how he would look at photos of astronauts and thought – I’m going to be that… And then he did everything in his power to become that dream. It all started with a “what if”."

David Suzuki

"It was an amazing experience to see him live! What a knowledgeable man. His message was about simple thoughts, yet so powerful. He expressed what is really meaningful in life: we all are so consumed with consumption and more, more, more (money, growth, greed, stuff), when the simple things such as the air we breathe, the land we harvest, the water we drink and the light we live by are the most important things in life. Without changing how we keep the truly important things healthy, we would be unable to have that “stuff”.

"He touched on the issue of plastic in our oceans, global climate change issues, and how we as brokers are going to face a lot of changes in the future when it comes to risk."

Jim Carroll

"He has a great take on the way of the future, technology, big business, and how we need to be thinking.

"The future belongs to those who are fast. Technology is moving so fast and we need to be thinking forward and be willing to take risks. Think big, start small, scale fast. He was all about ideas and putting them into motion. Technology is our future."

Technology is also part of our present lives. In addition to those three icons, Gore Mutual held an industry speakers panel which interacted live with the audience through Gore's own "Go Connect" app. A part of the app was called “Speak Out” which gave audience members a chance to post live so the panel could answer questions relating to their discussion.

Brooke's final thoughts on the Fast Forward event were:

"This was a great networking event and the conversation between the Gore panel and the attendees was very informative. Opportunities like these make us feel valued as brokers and really refresh our energy and drive for doing the work we do. I hope Newman continues to provide more opportunities in the future for our brokers to grow and adapt."

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For non-urgent claims, we recommend speaking with your Account Manager during office hours.

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